Our Playbook

Our Agile Delivery Method
How we build software

TeamVirtuoso is an Agile software consulting company. In our over 30 years of collective consulting experience, we have come to realize that “agile” means something different to every company and every team. We are a team that lives in the sweet spot between “Big A” agile and “We have daily stand ups”. What does that mean on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? What does this mean for you and your project?

Simply put, this is how we build software. It is an iterative process full of constant communication and continuous feedback. This greatly increases efficiency and reduces both development costs as well as time to market. This saves you time and money.

We might not seem like other developers

It's Because

we're not.
Why are we different?

There are plenty of "agile" developers and teams out there. The quality of the code produced varies widely depending on the level of skill, passion and integrity of the team with which you choose to engage. We pride ourselves on building high quality software and doing it right the first time. We are not "duct tape and spit" kind of people. We are craftsmen (and women), artisans and specialists; highly technical with an eye for design and a concern for usability. We have a a wide range of experience from fortune 500 companies to startups alike. We can push pixels in WordPress as well build custom platforms using APIs and everything in between. We will advise you on what you need to do to be the most successful but not try to sell you tools (or time) that you don’t need. We are here to provide the most value possible. As fast as possible. Let us help you build better software.

What do you want to build?

We can help.

What we need from you

We want to talk to you if you are interested in high quality software; you want things done right the first time. This requires a commitment from both sides. In order to engage with TeamVirtuoso, you must be willing to provide a project manager who will work closely with the development team. This person MUST:

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