Echoing the Signal

TeamVirtuoso   |   Feb 10, 2017

We hope this post is but a drop in a sea of blog posts, internal emails to employees and open letters to the public from other companies, founders and leaders voicing their company's stance regarding the actions of the Trump administration.

This is our statement and our offer to take action.

As we sat down to write this post as a team, there was a flurry of emotions going around the room. Shock, confusion, fear, anger, helplessness. How could we possibly put all of this into words? How could we show support for our friends, colleagues, and neighbors? How could we support those who are being targeted, and marginalized?

After writing and re-writing this post a dozen times we came to understand is that the most valuable way to be part of the solution is for us to help you do what you do best by offering what we do best - at reduced or at cost rates.

Today; TeamVirtuoso pledges to offer our web site, web application, mobile app and marketing skills to anyone that is:

  • Working to make the world a more inclusive place.
  • Working to ensure that the education and science is free from alternative facts.
  • Working to protect the environment.
  • Working to ensure freedom of speech and the free media.

We know how to build software but in order for this pledge to have any value, we need your help.

We need you to tell us how we can help you?

Here are some of the ideas we have but we expect that you have more.

  • Offer at cost development and server support to do the following:

    • Update company websites that want to include a blurb to show their support.
    • Build or update websites for companies that have been affected and are trying to tell their stories
    • Build or update websites, develop mobile applications for Non-profits that are trying to support people affected and/or keep the public informed.
  • Offer at costing marketing to help businesses reach a wider audience.

    • Social media marketing both paid and non-paid.
    • Facebook ads
    • Google Adwords
    • Twitter Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • General management of social media accounts.

We know there are other ways we can help. If you have an idea or know someone that might be in need of our services, please share this or contact us today.

standard email:

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Pledging to be part of the solution,