The Best Laid Plans

Understand the difference between knowing your projects and processes and knowing when you may need help. Project vs. process Consider your job-related tasks. You know, the ones you do daily, weekly, or monthly without a foreseeable end date. This is a process. Now consider your new assignment. This one needs your immediate attention and will […]

Choosing Your Battles

Somewhere along the way, I may have misled you into thinking that being a project manager is all sunshine and roses. But in reality, we truly need to have tough skin to get through our day and know which battles we need to fight and which ones we should just let lie. As project managers, […]

What You Need as a Project Manager

Project manager jobs have been on the rise and are predicted to continue rising in the years to come. But what does the job entail? What does a project manager really do? Project managers don’t write code, don’t create graphics, and don’t sell a product or service. But they do have the skills to manage […]

Finding Things to be Thankful for in 2020

As we wind down 2020, let’s thank those who helped us get through this crazy year. 2020 has definitely shown us the need to be extra thankful for essential workers! Those people putting their own lives at risk for us deserve more thanks than we could ever give. What about the conferences you were planning […]

Avoiding the Negativity

One of the first things we learn about office etiquette is to not discuss salary, religion, or politics with our co-workers. I mean especially this year, with the recent election, politics should definitely be off the table at work. Everyone is entitled to their own values and beliefs, but we still all need to work […]

Project Time Tracking…Should You Do It?

Do you debate on whether your team should be tracking their time on projects? How often do you wonder if this is micro-managing? Let me tell you why time tracking can help.  Our team works heavily in Salesforce. Unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in object for tracking time, but luckily, they have the AppExchange to help you find […]

Consolidating Project Communication Tools

Now more than ever, we must adapt to communicating virtually. Many of you have been doing this already, but are you using tools that all work together to virtually communicate? You could blindly toss a dart at the wall and hit any number of communication tools that are out there now: Outlook, Google Hangouts, Microsoft […]

PM Forms: Useful Tools or Extra Work?

In both my project management training and my career, I’ve always been aware of project management forms and their proposed usefulness for all projects. However, because I wasn’t working on large construction or IT projects, I didn’t see the purpose of using these forms outside of creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for each project. […]

PM Tips: 4 D’s For Stress Aversion

Does just hearing the topic of time management create anxiety and stress? You are not alone. Creating deadlines and managing projects is the fun part of project management. When those deadlines are challenged, you typically aren’t the only one who is noticing. This is where the stress can begin.   Say you have a meeting with your boss this week. […]

Keeping Projects Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic  

We are all experiencing a change in the world as we know it with schools closing, sporting events and full seasons cancelled, and for some of us we can no longer dine-in at restaurants. Is there an end in sight? Sure. When will that be? Who knows? But for now, we all need to adjust.  What do we do with projects […]