Finding Things To Be Thankful For In 2020

Blog: As we wind down 2020, let’s thank those who helped us get through this crazy year.

2020 has definitely shown us the need to be extra thankful for essential workers! Those people putting their own lives at risk for us deserve more thanks than we could ever give.

What about the conferences you were planning to attend this year? I’ve been rather impressed with the flexibility of these conferences to change to virtual so we can keep learning! The most recent one I attended was Salesforce’s DreamTX. To say they had it all together is an understatement. Keep in mind, they didn’t just ask their own employees to give virtual messages, but they also rearranged how their key speakers presented. Speakers could no longer gauge how their presentation was going by the reaction of the audience in front of them. This conference had games for attendees to play, intermission entertainment, plus entertainment to round out each day. I mean, watching Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart decorate cookies from their own kitchens was priceless.

How about our employers? They had some pretty business-altering decisions to make this year. They didn’t just need to think about their business but how to keep their employees safe and employed! The culture in our company is what sets us apart. We work hard because we have fun. So, when the time came to limit who was in the office, it forced everyone to be creative in order to keep up with the company culture. From happy hours to award presentations, we were able to all connect virtually. While it just wasn’t the same as being all together, we still laughed and cheered each other on in the process.

Our own Chicago Cloud Group leader created daily and weekly activities for us to find joy as we rounded out the year. This has been a tough year for everyone, but when you are willing to put yourself in a silly JibJab, Festivus card, or a crazy hat for your team, you realize there is plenty of time for happiness among the gloom. We have grown closer together while being miles and miles apart.

Of course, we need to thank our own families. Being at work/school is a time to separate our home lives from the work/school lives. But this year, we have found ourselves combining these worlds into one location. While you may have realized that working from home every day is not your ideal situation, we can be thankful for the time we were able to spend with our families all under the same roof. I know in my household, we found more movies to watch, board games to play, and puzzles to put together that we wouldn’t have normally had time for in our active and social home. I do believe that while we weren’t able to have our normal family holiday gatherings, I felt a deeper connection to those we were able to spend time with and cherished that time.

Schools were challenged this year. Our children and teachers’ worlds were also turned upside down. Remote learning isn’t what teachers had in their long-term vision for how they would be teaching students, but they have adapted and, at least in our school district, have shown compassion for the struggles of the students as they adapt also.

As the temperatures drop here in the Midwest, I’ve become more thankful for the use of facemasks. I can remember ripping them off as fast as I could in the summer when I would leave a store; I now love the added warmth while I walk to my car!

Finally, a special thank you to all of you for reading our blog posts throughout this year! Stay tuned for more content in 2021!

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