Get Your Users Excited About Lightning


You’ve heard it over and over…users are afraid of migrating to Salesforce Lightning Experience. Why? Well, like most things, they’re afraid of change and the unknown. As a Salesforce system administrator, or the person leading a company’s Lightning migration, it’s your job to make the unknown known. One way to do this is through the “Adoption Assistance” features in Salesforce.

In Lightning setup, look for “Adoption Assistance” through the Quick Find option. It is located under “User Engagement.” The “Onboarding & Assistance for Lightning Experience” offers some tools to help with adoption. Let’s take a look.

  1. Switch to Salesforce Classic User Feedback Form – When migrating to Lightning, users will need some time to get used to it. Many companies don’t just turn off Classic cold turkey…they make it gradual with a pilot group and the ability to switch back to Classic for a time. When allowing users to switch back to Classic once you’ve launched Lightning, you want to know why users are switching back. Maybe your users are switching back because what they need to do cannot yet be done in Lightning, or maybe it can but they don’t know how to do it in Lightning. If you know why, then you can address those reasons with either additional customization to your Lightning setup or with training. This form is easily enabled and allows you to find out why they are switching back with a question (standard or custom). You can also choose if you want them to fill out the form every time they switch back, once per day, or once per a number of days. The answer they provide in the form will post into a Chatter group, so you should set up a Chatter group specific to your Lightning launch to gather that feedback.
  2. Try Lightning Experience Now Prompt – This is a simple turn on or off option. When you turn this on, a prompt will appear in Classic for whichever users you’ve given the Lightning Experience User permission. This is a way to encourage your users to start to test out Lightning. Use of this tool is going to depend on your migration rollout plan. If you are on a gradual plan where users can work in Lightning as they please, this prompt is a good way to consistently remind them to check out Lightning. If you have a very structured plan with tighter timeframes, this might not be as helpful. One thing to keep in mind is that users do have the option to turn off the prompt.
  3. It’s Better in Lightning Prompts – This is another simple turn on or off feature. It allows you to turn on prompts for calendars, tasks, dashboards, and reports. When turned on, users who have the Lightning Experience User permission will see prompts when working in those screens in Classic that what they’re trying to do is better when working in Lightning. For example, calendars in Lightning have more options than Classic. You can view multiple calendars on the screen at once, you can color code calendar entries by calendar, you can either view the calendars in a grid view or a list view, and more. Click here for more information about Calendar Views in Lightning.
  4. Lightning Experience Welcome Mat – When new Lightning Experience users switch into Lightning for the first time, they will see a welcome mat. This welcome mat gives them links to resources to get to know Lightning Experience. On by default, the welcome mat can include the standard resources or can be customized to your business and what you’d like your users to know. This welcome mat will appear only once when new users switch to Lightning for the first time, but there is a second welcome mat that appears each time a user is automatically switched to Lightning. This second welcome mat can also be customized or include the standard information. For more information about the welcome mat, click here.

Salesforce Lightning is not just a bunch of pretty screens; it is an interface that offers many enhancements meant to save users time and make their jobs easier. It’s important to educate your users on these features so they can get excited about what’s in front of them.

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