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Organizing Your Tasks And The Space-Time Continuum

Blog: Prioritizing projects when everything is important. Do you know that feeling you get when you first sit down at your desk, and you reflect on your open task list?  Your organized thinking is innocent and blissfully ignorant to what lies ahead. Before your cognition kicks in, the list slowly starts to swirl. Rapidly, numbers […]

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But I Don’t Wanna Clean-Up My Content Libraries

Blog: Apply the spring-cleaning concept to content libraries – keep, update, pitch. There have been so many storied libraries in our time. The Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library – New Haven, Connecticut, USA, The Library of Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland; and the Library of Congress – Washington D.C., USA. As impressive […]

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The Best Laid Plans

Blog: Understand the difference between knowing your projects and processes and knowing when you may need help. Project vs. process Consider your job-related tasks. You know, the ones you do daily, weekly, or monthly without a foreseeable end date. This is a process. Now consider your new assignment. This one needs your immediate attention and […]

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Curating Personalized Content For Effective Training

Blog: Selecting, organizing, and managing relevant content according to your strategy, learner, and sunny disposition. Curation is all about keeping it simple, engaging, and on topic. While doing some light weekend reading, I came across a survey by Donald H. Taylor at the end of 2021titled, The learning and development trends to look out for […]

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Keep And Get Employees With Training

Blog: This last quarter, there has been a lot of discussion around the dissolving U.S. workforce. This labor exodus has gained the moniker, The Great Resignation. Statistics show there are way more jobs available than people searching for jobs. For those not resigning, a large portion of mid-level employees, ages 30 to 45, are currently […]

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Avoid Inbox Overload With A Salesforce Help Desk System

Blog: Salesforce system administrators and developers (admins) are always looking for ways to keep their requests organized. However, we all know maintaining tasks in order is easier said than done. Admins can quickly get flooded with requests or issues from their users weekly, daily, or even hourly. These requests often come through via multiple routes…especially […]

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Task Analysis In Three Steps

Blog: Task analysis is pretty much what the name sounds like; you take a task and analyze it or break it down, step by step. Sounds easy enough, but even simple tasks can be quite complex when you drill down into the steps and forfeit assumed knowledge or what some may consider common knowledge.  Think […]

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Breaking Out Of Bias

Blog: Cognitive biases influence our personal thoughts, often without us even realizing it. While it can be hard to control how we think and combat our ingrained ideas, it is possible, but we must first understand what a cognitive bias is and how it can affect us. A cognitive bias is your tendency to think, […]

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Choosing Your Battles

Blog: Somewhere along the way, I may have misled you into thinking that being a project manager is all sunshine and roses. But in reality, we truly need to have tough skin to get through our day and know which battles we need to fight and which ones we should just let lie. As project […]

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The Benefits Of Having Your PM Tools Integrated In Your CRM System

Blog: In the workplace, having one central spot for all your information instead of it distributed across a cluster of different apps and communication methods is always best. So why not add your project management tool to this rule?  Companies use many different project management tools, and with technological advances, they can integrate into various […]

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Deflating Bloated E-Learning Courses

Blog: Creating e-learning requires figuring out the needed pieces of information and how they fit together. However, it can be easy to keep adding pieces, too many pieces, in an attempt to ensure your user is getting every bit of information they need to learn. However, you’re making it more difficult for the end-user by […]

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What You Need As A Project Manager

Blog: Project manager jobs have been on the rise and are predicted to continue rising in the years to come. But what does the job entail? What does a project manager really do? Project managers don’t write code, don’t create graphics, and don’t sell a product or service. But they do have the skills to […]

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