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Amplify Your Salesforce Investment


Expert Salesforce Consulting To Leverage Your Investment And Amplify Your Business

We offer a complete suite of Salesforce consulting solutions to amplify your business and help you realize the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

Fully Realize Your Business Potential With Expert Salesforce Implementation

Virtuoso helps businesses succeed.
We draw on our extensive experience and an innate desire to share our knowledge with business leaders like you.

Our expert understanding of the Salesforce platform is what sets us apart. So, what do we do with our knowledge and success? 
We share them.

Our certified Salesforce consultants will be with you every step of the way. From implementation to training and upgrades, all the way through your most significant successes, our team will be there to help harmonize your operation.

Virtuoso's Salesforce Consultants Are Here To Help You:

From your initial Salesforce implementation

Start your journey right, and eliminate the need to start over with proven implementation plans. We know how to implement Salesforce and how to perform many other integrations the right way the first time. After implementation, we won't leave your side. Virtuoso will stay on board and assist throughout your entire Salesforce journey.

During your team's onboarding and training

Save time and headaches with expert process assistance. We've done every type of implementation and know what you need and how to make the most of the tool to suit your business needs. Virtuoso lives to provide customizable training options tailored to your operational needs. We offer train-the-trainer sessions, startup boot camps, e-learning, live classroom settings, and more. Our knowledgeable, friendly trainers will work to help you get the most out of your investment.

With the latest tech

Optimize back-end processes with third-party app integrations. We can introduce you to solutions you likely have never heard of before or exquisitely implement the simplest solutions. Virtuoso is skilled at finding unique and direct solutions to clear any hurdles your operation encounters, including custom solutions developed for your unique processes.

Throughout ongoing upgrades

Stay current and safe with proper data migration execution. We will take you from where you are now to where you want to go with your business, safely and securely, with your data intact. If you are a Salesforce Classic user looking to upgrade, our expert personnel will painlessly guide you through the Lightning migration process.

Around work anxiety

Have peace of mind with our accessible staff and fantastic customer service. We pride ourselves on bringing an up-tempo approach to our office and yours. At our heart, we are problem solvers who thrive on productive solutions. Positivity is a prerequisite at Virtuoso, and we love to pass it on.

All the way through your most significant successes

Accelerate close rates through automated workflows; the goal is to land more business. Virtuoso will help you identify workflow issues, define a strategy, develop a training plan, and give you complete control over your business processes. That's why it's called SALESforce. We understand and can get you to the top.

Let's Harmonize Your Operation.

Let's Harmonize Your Operation

Complete Symphony Of Services

Expert guidance through Salesforce implementation, data migration, performance analysis, and Lightning migration

Orchestrated Processes

Customized solutions for process integration, data management, project management, and more

Back-End And Back-Stage

Back-end processes optimization with third-party app integrations - including accounting, order processing, and IT helpdesk support

Sound Data Management

Professional assistance for data migration, manipulation, cleanup, and duplicate prevention

Up-Tempo Close Rates

Proven close rate acceleration through automated upsell and cross-sell opportunities, workflows, product bundles, and pricing

Front-Of-House Support

Certified on-staff developers, dedicated project managers, expert customer service, and fun-loving problem solvers
"The Virtuoso team has patiently worked with our team to customize a platform that fits our business process and workflow while providing continuity that aligns with new and different sales projects. I greatly appreciate Virtuoso's ability to align with my vision while providing top-level guidance to keep us focused. The icing on the cake is that you feel like they are part of your team, and they make the entire process fun!"
– Alex Toschi – Founder & CEO, Solution Interface
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