Luke Yang

Salesforce Developer / Saints Fan

"You can accomplish anything if you're never in a hurry." - Tom Hanks - Sully

Luke is a professional when it comes to imagination. As an application and Salesforce developer, Luke relies on his inner universe to create and maintain code, conducts data analysis, and takes part in client consultations. When taking a break from his work galaxy, Luke loves to cheer on former Louisiana State University (LSU) quarterback Joe Burrow, or binge watch Marvel movies while munching on Southern fried chicken fingers. Sky point for Popeye’s!

Luke received his master’s degree in computer science from LSU before continuing his career. With over seven years in the field, Luke has honed his developer skills to the point where he may be able to replicate Iron Man’s suit. Computers + sci-fi + chicken fingers = superhero. Google it.

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