Nancy M. Gorski

CEO / That’s Spelled C E O!

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” - Richard Branson

Nancy is the reason we ALL get out of bed in the morning. What we know for sure: Nancy started and led companies that specialized in building network infrastructures, computer rollouts, cabling, wireless networks, software configuration and support, and warehousing. What we don’t know for sure but seems plausible: she pioneered women in flight, built a non-powered perpetual motion machine, led a rebellion to defeat the Empire, and possesses the coveted “bad-ass” gene.

Nancy has earned degrees in being her own boss, basic common sense, and researching humanity’s pitfalls and success stories over the centuries. These esteemed credentials have shown her how to operate and grow a successful business and cultivate a strong internal workforce, which she considers family. To get away from the stresses of daily awesomeness, Nancy can be found in a far-off land, surrounded by loved ones, reading another book on how to stay that much cooler than everyone else. It looks like that “bad-ass” gene checks out.

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