Time to Burst Your Bubble

Let loose and embrace growth, change, and visibility

You have put in much time, effort, knowledge, and time (time deserves to be mentioned twice). With all your work in your business, it can be hard to see just how far you have come. The funny part is, once you take that moment to reflect on your progress, it’s the perfect time to leap forward.

“It’s too late to turn back; here we go!” – The Replacements (1989). “Talent Show”

Well, how did I get here?

My guess is you got where you are through hard work and dedication. Through your area of expertise, you saw a client’s need and put in the effort to fill that need. Along the way, you sought out the extras that would set you apart, such as training, certificates, articles, and peer guidance. Now, you’re feeling good with a satisfied client base and a feeling of accomplishment. This is right about when you start asking yourself, “What’s next?”

Calculated risk for positive change

You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the staff, and you’ve got your client base. Where do we go now? We go outside ourselves, and we go up. Go back and re-examine your website. Does it properly reflect who you are NOW? Think about company image, content, logos, colors, and, best of all, personality. Your existing clients must like something about you, so highlight it! Shake things up, and showcase who you are.

Get seen

To piggyback on the above, your digital assets are your friends. Once you’ve made the proper decisions on how to represent yourself best, let your freak flag fly! Put yourself out there through simple things like email signatures and bold statements through mixed media campaigns. Utilize social channels, YouTube, and blog-o-sphere to get your operation seen. There is no shortage of ways to get recognized. Use them to show off your awesomeness.

The suggestions above are building off of what you already know. Knowledge and hard work have gotten you where you are; these methods are ways to continue success without becoming complacent. Don’t be afraid to look outside your boundaries. Your success has proven you’re way too smart to become stagnant.

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.” – Red (1994). “The Shawshank Redemption”